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REVIEW: Jack The Giant Slayer

REVIEW: Jack The Giant Slayer

This isn’t your parent’s “Jack And The Beanstalk”.  After trading  in his horse for magical beans , farmhand Jack (Nicholas Hoult, who  fantastic in “Warm Bodies” ) loses one of the beans , which unleashes a ginormous  stalk that sends his farmhouse (with the princess inside) into the sky and a nation of giants who like nothing more than devouring humans.  Jack’s mission is the  rescue the princess.

Ewan McGregor is the king’s guard . Stanley Tucci is the turncoat fiancée of the princess, who can’t convince her father the king to let her marry for love.   Tucci  gets the funniest lines .

The 3-D is at its best with the fast growing  beanstalks. The cast could have used more humor . Hoult is restrained in this one, while he really shines in the zombie rom-com “Warm Bodies”.  What isn’t restrained is the violence, which is why it’s rated PG-13.   Also unrestrained is the length.  Two hours??!!  A giant running time is what , partly, does in “Jack The Giant Slayer”.

This one may have a tough time finding it’s audience. It’s not sophisticated enough for adults and  too violent for the little ones. 

2 stars


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