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REVIEW: Warm Bodies

REVIEW: Warm Bodies

This is the “Romeo & Juliet” of  zombie flicks: forbidden teen love between a flesh-eating zombie and a human.  This is unlike any rom-com or zombie film you’ve ever seen because it’s told through the voice and eyes of the  zombie. The first ten minutes are hilarious as “R” describes his existence as an undead. 

What a way to woe a woman: “R” devours  zombie-fighter Julie’s boyfriend  (particularly savoring the brains, which enable him to see all of his victims memories) and then saves her from his fellow zombie-posse. 

Nicholas Hoult (“R”)  was last seen as the heroic mutant Beast in “X-Men: First Class”.  Australian Teresa Palmer (who starred in “I Am Number Four”) could be Kristen Stewart’s blonde sister. John Malkovich is Julie’s dad,  the leader of the zombie-fighters.  Her doomed boyfriend is Dave Franco (yes, as in James’ kid brother).  Rob Corddry is R’s best  zombie friend, though they can do little more than  grunt at each other.

Great cast- great script- great story.  I loved this  movie!!!

4 stars


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