Former Justin Bieber friend files for restraining order

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Former Justin Bieber friend files for restraining order

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A young man by the name of King Kevi has filed for a restraining order against Justin Bieber.  According to, the 20-year-old, whose real name is Kevin Pederson, once claimed to be a member of the star's inner circle of friends in the media, before being outed as a fraud. 

Pederson was reportedly one of the friends living and partying in Justin's Calabasas home in March, while the singer was abroad on his "Believe" tour.  

The former Bieber hanger-on says ever since the singer tweeted, then deleted his personal cell phone number this month, he's been the victim of death threats from thousands of his fans. 

Justin's reps tell TMZ the star never tweeted the number.  King Kevi insists, however, that he feels his life is in danger because of the star's alleged prank, and that he regrets ever becoming involved in his life. 

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